architekturbild – European Architectural Photography Prize 2017: GRENZEN \ BORDERS

architekturbild, the European Architectural Photography Prize, has been awarded on a two-yearly basis since 1995. Since 2003, the prize has been awarded by architekturbild e.v., a non-profit organization, and since 2008 in cooperation with the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt, and since 2016 with the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Potsdam\Berlin.


This time the subject is »Borders«. Whether in the sense of opening or closing, of including or excluding or as definitions of geographical or (urban) spatial areas, borders are physically present and clearly recognizable or subtly noticeable, but always perceived as either protecting or deterring. In the context of the European Architectural Photography Prize 2017 we by no means focus on the negative interpretations of this term but rather on the photographic-artistic involvement with our built environment. In addition to creativity in the interpretation of the topic "Borders", the jury, chaired by Celina Lunsford, jugded the photographic quality and the reference to architecture of the images submitted.

The Berlin-based Photographer Andreas Gehrke is the winner of the 2017 prize. His series of images entitled "Arrival" documents temporary refugee accommodation in Berlin. By alternating between black-and-white and color photography he references situations in the past and the present day. Through the focus on the different surroundings refugees experience, the viewer gains a comprehensive impression of the extent of the alienation and psychological effects borders have on people.

Andreas Gehrke, »Arrival«

Matthias Jung, »Revier«
Daniel Poller, »stone record«
Wilhelm Schünemann, »Die im Dunkeln«

Dr. Alexander Beck, Martin Dziuba, Philippe Grollier, Wolfram Janzer and Sally-Ann Norman.

Anja Bohnhof, Judith Buss, Florian Fäth, Jonas Fischer, Andreas Fragel, Torsten Andreas Hoffmann, Shimizu Ken, Quintin Lake, Alexander Mai und Mikula Platz, Philipp Meuser, Daniel Müller Jansen, Filippo Poli, Robert Pufleb, Gregor Sailer, Martin Sigmund, Martin Steinkellner, Rainer Viertlböck and Kai Wiedenhöfer.


  • Peter Cachola Schmal, Director Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM, Frankfurt
  • Reiner Nagel, Federal Foundation of Baukultur, Potsdam\Berlin
  • Christina Gräwe, Chair architekturbild e.v., Berlin\Munich
  • Dirk Brömmel, Photographer, Wiesbaden
  • Celina Lunsford, Artistic Director, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
  • Ingo Taubhorn, Photographer, Curator at Haus der Photographie, Deichtorhallen Hamburg
  • Jörg Winde, Photographer, Professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund


architekturbild e.v.,, in co-opertion with Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM, Frankfurt, and the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Potsdam\Berlin.

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