architekturbild, the European Architectural Photography Prize, has been awarded on a two-yearly basis since 1995. Since 2003, the prize has been awarded by architekturbild e.v., a non-profit organization, and since 2008 in cooperation with the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt.

The concept of neighbourhood is used with slightly varying meanings in various fields. For the 2015 European Architectural Photography Prize, the focus is on neighbourhood as it is understood in common usage, i.e. proximity in space. Neighbourhood can be experienced as very welcome, but also as extremely troublesome. The degree of proximity can also vary: in the countryside, one’s neighbour, a nearby farmer or other local resident, may live one or two kilometres away, whereas people living in the city are separated by walls alone. Moreover: not just people, but also buildings or, more generally, objects can also be neighbours – at a distance or close up, in harmony or in discord. Besides the first prize (4,000 Euro), two second prizes (1,000 Euro each) have been awarded.

Petra Gerschner,Germany \ series "Gezi gegen Gentrifizierung"

Julia Baier, Germany \ series "Ein Fenster zum Hof"
Claudia Brust, Germany

Dirk Brömmel, Germany \ series "Ruhestadt"
Enver Hirsch, Germany \ series "Bangkok Curbside"
Stefan Jaeggi, Switzerland \ series "Mustersteine"
Shimizu Ken, Japan \ series "Shadows under the surface"
Ulrike Manestar, Germany \ series "Wohnen am Waldrand"
Stefan Rasinger, Austria
Herman van den Boom, Belgium \ series "Neighbours"

Frauke Bergemann, Germany \ series "Ausweitung der Grün- und Spielzone"
Kati Bruder, Austria \ series "Wir anderen. Auf der Suche nach der idealen Gemeinschaft"
Peter Franck, Germany
Aras Gökten, Germany
Kai-Uwe Gundlach, Germany \ series "Helgoland"
Torsten Andreas Hoffmann, Germany \ series "Nachbarschaft in Dharavi"
Matthias Jung, Germany \ series "Am Boden"
Tsang Ka Wai (EasonPage), Hongkong
Stefan Koch, Germany
Marc Latzel, Switzerland \ series "Soziologie des Raums"
Anna Lehmann-Brauns, Germany \ series "Paradies \ Schwarz"
Johannes Marburg, Switzerland
Eckhart Matthäus, Germany \ series "Nachbarschaftliche AnPassung"
Joel Micah Miller, Germany \ series "Seoulitude"
Walter Oczlon, Austria \ series "Nachbarschaft. Unter den Brücken"
Philipp Ortmann, Germany \ series "Flair 113"
Bernd Seeland, Germnay
Lutz Sternstein, Germany \ series "Nachbar BND. Do you know your Neighbour as good as he knows you?"


  • Peter Cachola Schmal, Direktor des Deutschen Architekturmuseums, Frankfurt
  • Dr. Paul di Felice, Senior Lecturer in Art History and Art Pedagogy at the University of Luxemburg, Director of European Photography Month in Luxemburg
  • Meike Hansen, Architectural Photographer, extended board of architektur-bild e.v., commended entries to architekturbild 2007 and 2009, Hamburg
  • Tom Geister, Associate Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin (stand-in for Louisa Hutton)
  • Ileana Pintilie, Critic, Curator and Professor at Arts Faculty of West University in Timisoara, Romania

The awards ceremony will be held on 24 April 2015 at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) in Frankfurt.

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