ARCHITECTURAL WORLDS. Sergei Tchoban – Draftsman and Collector

30 January – 14 March 2010
3rd floor, Haus-im-Haus
Media conference: Friday,  29 January 2009, 17:00
Opening: Friday, 29 January 2009, 19:00

The architect Sergei Tchoban developed his passion for illustrating at an early age. Born in 1962 in St. Petersburg, he attended high school and the Academy of Art there, before studying Architecture. In 1990 he came to Germany “with a small suitcase full of drawings”. Just a few years after joining the Hamburg architecture studio nps he was made a partner. Today the company has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, and Moscow, and designs major buildings throughout Europe.

Tchoban ’s talent for drawing was very much promoted while he was studying at the Academy of Art in St. Petersburg, where even today architecture students still follow the traditional educational path. From an architect interested in drawing and history Tchoban went on to become an architect who collected a formidable corpus of architectural drawings from the Baroque era through to the 20th century. Works in the collection include drawings by Ferdinando Galli Bibiena (1656-1743), Filippo Juvara (1678-1736), and Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825).

Taking Sergei Tchoban’s drawings and collection as an example, the exhibition aims to give the public new access to the art of architectural drawing and the tradition behind it. The drawings selected from three centuries focus on the theme of representing antique, Baroque and Classicist architecture. Though the methods of illusionary perspective representation and the architect’s skills at representation cover a wide range. The works from almost three decades they enter into open dialogue with the drawings of important European architects and painters from the 17th to 19th centuries. No comparison between the artistry of historical illustrators and that of Tchoban is intended. The aim, rather, is to portray the range of techniques and representational methods of four centuries through to the present day taking as an example of the collection and work of an architect with a passion for illustrating.

An event staged by the S. Tchoban Foundation. Museum of Architectural Illustration


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