SOS BRUTALISM – Save the Concrete Monsters!

A collaboration by the Deutsches Architekturmuseum and the Wüstenrot Foundation


EXHIBITION OPENING (DATE CHANGED): Wed, November 8, 2017, 7 p.m.
November 9, 2017 – April 2, 2018, GF

For the first time Brutalist architecture of the 1950s–1970s is presented in a global survey. The term Brutalism does not come from the word “brutal”, but to “béton brut”, the French term for exposed concrete. Brutalist architecture celebrates raw, bare construction. It is exceptionally photogenic and hugely popular on Facebook and Instagram. That said many only see brutal concrete monsters. The expressive buildings emerged in a time of experiments and social change. Today many are at risk of demolition. In light of this the rescue campaign #SOSBrutalism extends the exhibition online with a database of over 1000 projects. At the DAM Brutalism is reevaluated with unusually large models and poured concrete miniatures. The exhibition features buildings from Japan, Brazil, former Yugoslavia, Israel and Great Britain, where the New Brutalism was invented by Alison and Peter Smithson. is supported by uncube magazine.

Herausgeber: © Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt a.M., Schaumainkai 43, 25.09.2017